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The symposium program will include 6 plenary lectures (55+5 min) , 7 invited lectures (35+5 min), 17 oral communications (15+5 min), and 5 oral poster presentations (10 min).

Plenary speakers: D. P. Curran (USA), J.A. Gladysz (Germany), I. T. Horváth (Hungary), J. Otera (Japan), R. H. Fish (USA), J. Riess (USA)

Invited speakers: V. Percec (USA), W. Zhang (USA), T. Inazu (Japan), G. Pozzi (Italy), J. Rábai (Hungary), M.-P. Krafft (France), D. Bonnet-Delpon (France)

Conference's titles for plenary and invited speakers:

  • W. Zhang: "Application of Fluorous Technologies in Solution-phase Synthesis".

  • D. Bonnet-Delpon: "Fluoro-alcohols: Effective Solvents for Classical Organic Reactions".

  • D. P. Curran: "Fluorous Mixture Synthesis".

  • J. Gladysz: "Fluorous Chemistry without Fluorous Solvents: New Catalyst Recovery Protocols based upon Fluoropolymers"

  • I. T. Horváth: "Changing Designer Issues in Fluorous Chemistry"

  • J. Rábai: "Styling and Setting of Fluorous Ponytails for Engineered Separations"

  • J. Otera: "Fluorous Organotin Catalysts"

  • T. Inazu: "New Synthetic Methods for Natural Products Using Heavy Fluorous Technics"

  • G. Pozzi: "Enantiopure Fluorous Nitrogen Ligands: Synthesis and Applications in Asymmetric Organometallic Catalysis"

  • J. Riess: "Advances in Highly Fluorinated Materials for Diagnosis and Therapy"

  • M. P. Krafft: "Basic Principles and Recent Advances in Fluorinated Self-Assemblies and Colloidal Systems"

  • V. Percec: "Self-Assembly Mediated by the Fluorophobic Effect"

  • R. H. Fish: "Fluorous Biphasic Catalysis: Oxidation of Alkanes, Alkenes, Alcohols, and Alkenols with Mn(II), Co(II), and Cu (I and II) Fluorous Soluble or Thermomorphic Complexes in the Presence of TBHP/O2 or TEMPO/O2 or H2O2."

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    On Tuesday afternoon, July 5th, we wish to invite all the participants to a visit of St Emilion: a medieval village, and also the first wine growing region listed by UNESCO. After the visit a wine tasting session will be organized, followed by a banquet at Chateaux La Couspaude a "Grand Cru Classé" of St Emilion vineyards. .

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